Oct 2018 - The D&AD Impact Awards were presented in New York, which seek to identify and celebrate the most creative, transformative and skillful, to generate real impact that contributes to a better future, equal and more sustainable for all. Among the Latino winners, Prójimo was distinguished in the category "Community & interaction" not for a work in particular, but for being the only global agency that seeks to value the talent, idiosyncrasy and values ​​of a community with a business model that in addition to generating profit for brands, leaves a positive social and environmental impact.
"We wondered for so long, why there was no agency? So we decided to do it. There's so much social inequity in the world that we would like to see this model replicated elsewhere"
Declared Gonzalo Vidal Meyrelles founder of Prójimo.
I worked at “Prójimo” advertising agency for almost five years.
There is no video or campaign that can describe what does it feel like to be there.
It's an agency that, starting from where it's located, invites you to see yourself reflected in the other, to think about people and not targets.
Prójimo changed my perspective forever; It taught me that a campaign without a purpose  is meaningless, it gains an added value when it does something for others and for the world.
I was a creative producer, audiovisual director, photographer, director´s assistant and together with Gonzalo Vidal Meyrelles and Daniel Angel Gabriel López, A.K.A Bechu, I worked on the record label “Suena Eh!” creation.
En la agencia publicitaria Prójimo trabajé por casi cinco años. 
No hay video o campaña que pueda describir lo que se siente estar ahí. 
Se trata de una agencia que desde el lugar en que habita, te invita a verte reflejado en el otro, a pensar en las personas y no en targets.
Prójimo cambió mi mirada para siempre; me enseñó que una campaña no tiene sentido sin un propósito, sin un valor agregado que haga algo por el otro y para el mundo.
Fuí creativa, productora, realizadora audiovisual, fotógrafa, asistente de dirección y junto con Gonzalo Vidal Meyrelles y Daniel Angel Gabriel López, alias Bechu, trabajé en la creación del Sello Discográfico Suena Eh!
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