“Stacker Day”: half-price hamburgers and a charity weekend to promote neighborhood artists.
July 3rd, starting at 12 noon, people who came to any Burger King location in the country was able to buy their Stacker combo with a 50% discount. Part of the total raised that day, was donated to "Suena Eh!", a record label that was born in the heart of Villa La Cava.
It is a record label that brings together neighborhood artists, produces and disseminates their songs to help them make their voices heard. The project emerged in 2017 as a detachment from Prójimo, the advertising agency and school founded by the creative Gonzalo Vidal Meyrelles.
Located in the neighborhood of Villa la Cava, Sounds Eh! proposes to make visible the marginalized sectors problems through artists who can share their experiences from trap, beatbox, cumbia, reggaeton, rap and freestyle, and, in this way, help break down prejudices that run deep in society.
Through music, the artists narrated their expericences about love, the neighborhood or current issues, at the same time, they are trained to get specific job opportunities.
Thus, they have managed not only to put their songs and compositions into circulation, but also to generate advertising jingles for some of the most important brands in the country, with the support of companies committed to the search for a more egalitarian future.
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