With “Artistas Sin Fronteras and El Bajo Producciones” Arce released his new single and video Win Win featuring Patón, XXL Irione & Dak1lla.
 The video clip was filmed in Villa La Cava and San Cayetano, two marginal neighborhoods in Argentina, with the aim of raising awareness about talent and equal opportunities.
In the video, the Spanish rapper wears Argentine Soccer tshits with Lionel Messi's No. 10.
At the end Patón (Argentine rapper who spent 18 years in prison), XXL Irione (MC from the western zone) and Dak1lla (17-year-old freestyler) raising Argentine flags in a pasture in La Cava are seen together.

In April 2018, Arce released his new studio album, with “Win Win” included.
We won when Artists Without Borders and El Bajo Producciones came and met with us
We won when we shook hands.
“Patón” won when he was invited to be a part of the song.
“Popochon” won when he discovered that he could be the best producer.
“Chavo” won, showing off when we needed him most.
“Lily” won, making the best empanadas for the entire catering.
 “Gonzalo Llamas”, won directing with people who can actually see.
The neighborhood won, seeing everything that could be done on stage.
The artist “Arce” won, when he came to our country and took a tremendous video clip.
According to the dictionary, winning is "acquiring something..." for us, winning is fighting over and over again, until you get what you really want.
Make a video where everyone who participates, in front of and behind the camera, are people with different realities, willing to show their full potential and what they have to give.
This video clip generated that opportunity again.
Ah, Win Win is the name of the song, obviously.
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